Backdrops and Drapery in Photography

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I love the way Chris Harrison used backdrops and drapery to dramatic effect in Copper Horses. He used a sheet of canvas to hide parts of the machine he was photographing which he didn’t want us to see. That way he broke the machine down to fragments.

From Copper Horses, National Media Museum, Bradford © Chris Harrison From Copper Horses, National Media Museum, Bradford © Chris Harrison

The result is a complex visual metaphor for his thoughts and feelings about his relationship with his father and the many people who work hard to make ends meet in British industry.

From Copper Horses, National Media Museum, Bradford © Chris Harrison From Copper Horses, National Media Museum, Bradford © Chris Harrison

As devices, backdrops and drapery have been used for as long as photographers have been taking photographs, as a fine bit of drapery gives an artistic air to the image.

19th century studio portrait photographers used painted canvas backdrops to mimic parlour settings in two dimensions, while a…

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Zoo Ethics: On the Cold-Blooded Murder of a Young Giraffe

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson


I don’t like any zoo, but I am especially outraged by the action of the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark on Sunday (February 9).  I am hardly alone:  More than 27,000 people signed a “save Marius petition,” when the zoo announced that zoo officials intended to kill the adorable and much-loved 18-month old Marius. Many thousands of other people around the world have taken to the Internet to express their sadness, their bewilderment, and their horror at this completely unnecessary, even ghoulish act.   It caused revulsion in most people who read about it.  It was an execution many noted.  The reason the zoo gave for killing Marius struck just about every ordinary person as bizarre:  He was killed because his genes were too similar to those of other zoo giraffes in a European breeding program.  “He cannot add anything further to the breeding programme that does not already exist,” a European…

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Don Tom, Dbanj, Femi Kuti, Omawumi, Fally Ipupa and Others Team Up In SA, Set To Release New Single

African all stars team up in Johannesburg south africa for One/DO Agric Project. Twenty artist all over africa team up in one voice to make a statement in support of the slogan of african union for third year which has been declared as year of Agriculture and food security                                                                                                                                          1IMG-20140219-WA0003-500x666 IMG-20140219-WA0002-500x666                                                  The music which was produced by the creative cohbams Asuqwo was accompanied with a video shoot by Godfather Production which featured Legendary Chaka Chaka of south africa, Femi Kuti, Dbanj, Omanwumi, Don Tom, fally ipupa and others –


My Boyfriend’s Father Is Very Good In The Bedroom [Girl Confessed] –

Dear Naijaloaded Readers, I know that this is not something that many ladies want to talk about even though they are in the same situation but am matured, I no my left from my right and I want your readers to see things from my own point of view. My story is brief and straight to the point: I’m a 38yr old lady who is independent but I regret not getting married in my mid and late 20s when men were in serious demand for my hand in marriage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I kept saying I was not ready and now I blame myself for all the shit I’m facing after I turned 33 five years ago. But I met this young guy, he’s 30yr old. I love him and I told him my real age and he’s ok with it, maybe because I spend my money on him. Fast forward to last December, I met his father and one thing led to another and the man passed a night in my apartment. It was very hot! He performed far better than his son in bed…My boyfriend’s father is 57, divorced and he is madly in love with me. He even give me money to increase my biz not like his son who collects from me. The man is ready to marry me but my problem is that I’ve slept with his son and I still do it with him once in a while just to satisfy him so he doesn’t suspect his father. But I can’t continue to sleep with father and son. I’m enjoying the father’s “juice” more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pls what can I do?- From Ms H******

Meet The Mystery Girl Davido Was Kissing, She Is Faith Nketsi From South Africa [Photo]

She’s beautiful tho*WinkFew days ago, Davido shared the photo above on Instagram and quickly deleted it. The photo as i have found out is Ms Faith Nketsi! Faith who is a graduate of the University of South Africa, is a video vixen and presently Davido’s new eye candy… Well, if you really wanna see Faith doing what she knows how to do best (Shaking a*s),watch Skuki’s Silifa video or Wande Coal’s the kick video! Below are some photos of Faith:davidokissing faith2-500x500 faith3-500x500 faith5 faith6-500x375 faith-500x500

[Photo Of The Day] See Obasanjo Dancing Skelewu And Playing Football

Ex-President Obasanjo is not just the pioneer of open letters, he can do a few things at his age.                             check him out dancing and kicking the ball in Port Harcourt.                                                                                                          This is so funny, This Man is just too funnyBgv1TGyIUAA7KoB BgwpOTeIYAA3fHo (1)